Tuesday, March 31, 2009

TV Dinner @ The Kendrick's

So...I'm tired after a day at work and think "What is easy to prepare for dinner?" And then it hits me TV Dinners. I don't have to do anything but spend 3 mins cooking my own dinner. That sounds good to me!

So I call Brett and his cousin Kole to pick out and cook their dinners.

So we wait..... (Tuff waits too...Maybe they will drop a crumb or two!)

Ding! Foods Done!
Lets Eat!

Brett : "Can I write a message to my mom?" Sure I am sure that she will like that....

Ok...NOW can we eat!?
So let me tell you that eating with 2 boys that are silly on their own and hillarious together makes for an interesting and messy dinner. I ended up with corn and brownie everywhere.
So I learned...Next time order pizza!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

What happens when an 11 year old gets money?

Yup you guessed it - he will loose it!

Brett, my son (well techincally my step son - but my son non the less) ran to the ice cream man (without permission I might add) and some how lost his $20 bill.

My guess is that the excitment over Pokemon cards - by the way I hate that this ice cream man carries good Pokemon cards, can't get the boy to focus until he has seen the ice cream man - and the wonderful Cabazon wind had something to do with the rogue $20 bill.

I guess now when we tell Brett to put his money in his wallet he will listen.....