Friday, May 22, 2009

Review & Giveaway: Temporal Scanner Thermometer (ends 6/4)

Grocery Price Blog has this awesome thermometer giveaway! I have used one of these...they are great for little kids who don't sit still and big kids you are just too stuborn to lay there for 3 minutes while a traditional thermometer does its job!

Review & Giveaway: Temporal Scanner Thermometer (ends 6/4)

Win this must have for ANY mom of a small child! Thermometer that takes a Temp in seconds!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Video Games at Kendrick Korner

So here it is Sunday afternoon, dinner in the crock pot, house clean, basketball game over (thank goodness), Savannah is asleep in my room. I think "we can play a board game or spend some family time together" WRONG! I get "let's (Brett and Jason) play video games.

Just to give you a background on our viedo game systems around here....

Playstation 2


Nintendo DS

Nintendo wii

Playstation 3

Not too mention the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Nintendo Game Boy.....
So with all of these games - especially the newest game systems why is it that I am sitting here watching them play "Pro Wrestling" for the Nintendo

Reconginze that controler??? Anyone?

Yes, you are right that is the controler for the original nintendo. Remember the grey console, having to wiggle the games in the system, blowing on the cartridge to get it to work....

So these two yahoos have all these new fangled games with graphics that rival real life.....
They decide to play a game made in 1986 with graphics like this: (in HD no less)

Now I ask you...
Is it just me or am I living with two video game freaks who don't care what they play as long as it has a controler and makes noise on the screen????

Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet our cats!

Back in February we got 2 cats. Keep in mind we already had 2 dogs and 1 fish. Jason and Brett really wanted A cat but, I can never just buy 1 of anything. They were up for adoption from our local shelter. The shelter houses some cats at Petco. Brett and I finally decided on these two.

Piston (her legal name is Celica - yes like the car) was hit by a car and wasn't expected to make it. She is 1 year old a loving little kitty. Her name is now Piston beacause Jason was calling her Piston Honda (thinking that Honda made the Celica (Toyota)) and some fighter in some old school video game was named Piston Honda, so we shortened it to Piston.
Barry is a FAT cat. He is a 4 year old stray. Surprisingly he is a good cat. Not to fond of dogs, he will tell any dog what time it is if they get too close. For the first week he was here my dogs were afraid to walk through their own home. Barry lightened up and we are one BIG happy family.

It took a while for me to fill out all of the adoption paperwork so Brett alternated sitting with and holding each cat - I think he missed his DS. We didn't tell dad that we were getting the cats until he called and wanted to know if we were planning on going to Brett's soccer game (of course we were)

Piston getting comfy on our bed.

Barry telling us "Thank you for saving me from that little cage"

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bob Cat on local golf course

Each year the casino where I work sponsors a charity golf tournament. I am the tournament coordinator. It is a blast. Once all the "work" is done the day of the tournament I drive around in a golf cart and make sure everyone is having a good time.

Last year while driving around we saw a bobcat. He was beautiful. We saw him walking so we chased - I mean followed - him in the golf cart. Note: All pictures taken with Verizon Wireless ENV - original model

We watched the bobcat walk to the edge of the weeds and saw him hunch down. He appeared to be hunting something. His tail was twitching and he looked ready to pounce. So we got closer. I thought for sure we were going to see National Geographic right there in Beaumont.

We watched whatever he was watching for a while and then we decided to get a little closer.

He laid down in the shade and rested. We were so close to him that you could hear his breath. He didn't appear to be too concerned with us. Keep in mind, he is a wild animal, we were in an open golf cart (not so much as a fiberglass windshield) AND Laura is on blood thinners. She was hanging out of the golf cart to get a better picture with my cell phone. This year I will bring my camera!

We hope to see him again this year!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Cabazon Dinosaurs

Jason to Brett to the Dinosaurs here in Cabazon the other day. He had a blast.

I might not have my drivers license but, I can drive this ancient turtle. (That turtle was old when I was a kid)

Look dad! It is a nice dinosaur!!!!!

UMMMM DAD!!!!!! That nice dinosaur turned out to NOT BE SO NICE!