Friday, May 15, 2009

Meet our cats!

Back in February we got 2 cats. Keep in mind we already had 2 dogs and 1 fish. Jason and Brett really wanted A cat but, I can never just buy 1 of anything. They were up for adoption from our local shelter. The shelter houses some cats at Petco. Brett and I finally decided on these two.

Piston (her legal name is Celica - yes like the car) was hit by a car and wasn't expected to make it. She is 1 year old a loving little kitty. Her name is now Piston beacause Jason was calling her Piston Honda (thinking that Honda made the Celica (Toyota)) and some fighter in some old school video game was named Piston Honda, so we shortened it to Piston.
Barry is a FAT cat. He is a 4 year old stray. Surprisingly he is a good cat. Not to fond of dogs, he will tell any dog what time it is if they get too close. For the first week he was here my dogs were afraid to walk through their own home. Barry lightened up and we are one BIG happy family.

It took a while for me to fill out all of the adoption paperwork so Brett alternated sitting with and holding each cat - I think he missed his DS. We didn't tell dad that we were getting the cats until he called and wanted to know if we were planning on going to Brett's soccer game (of course we were)

Piston getting comfy on our bed.

Barry telling us "Thank you for saving me from that little cage"

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