Sunday, May 17, 2009

Video Games at Kendrick Korner

So here it is Sunday afternoon, dinner in the crock pot, house clean, basketball game over (thank goodness), Savannah is asleep in my room. I think "we can play a board game or spend some family time together" WRONG! I get "let's (Brett and Jason) play video games.

Just to give you a background on our viedo game systems around here....

Playstation 2


Nintendo DS

Nintendo wii

Playstation 3

Not too mention the Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Playstation 1, Nintendo Game Boy.....
So with all of these games - especially the newest game systems why is it that I am sitting here watching them play "Pro Wrestling" for the Nintendo

Reconginze that controler??? Anyone?

Yes, you are right that is the controler for the original nintendo. Remember the grey console, having to wiggle the games in the system, blowing on the cartridge to get it to work....

So these two yahoos have all these new fangled games with graphics that rival real life.....
They decide to play a game made in 1986 with graphics like this: (in HD no less)

Now I ask you...
Is it just me or am I living with two video game freaks who don't care what they play as long as it has a controler and makes noise on the screen????


  1. Those old skool games are the best! We have the new systems in our front room - but we have a special retro room with a retro ancient tv for the retro games!

  2. Glad to see we aren't the only people in the world with 23 year old video games....

  3. Nice variety! Glad I found you from Twitter!

  4. Welcome Penny. Hope to not disapoint.