Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Name Change

I took today off from work specifically to go to the Social Security off and officially change my name - yes, I have been married for 17 months have haven't gotten around to changing my name.

Let me give you a little history. I have been married before and I hyphenated my name during that marriage. I only ever used my married name, at work, the doctor, insurance, etc. but legally I was Heather Hyphenated. When my current husband and I went to get our marriage license, I hadn’t dropped the hyphen from my name, just lazy. So anyhoo, we went to the license department and I had all the correct documents proving that I was no longer Mrs. Hyphen except for the paper that said I could have my maiden name back. So, on my marriage license to Mr. K. it has my hyphenated name listed. For the record - Mr. K. was not at all pleased to have my hyphenated name on his marriage license.

So, as of today I am no longer Mrs. Hyphenated - I am simply Mrs. K. It seems weird to me, 30 + years of having my Daddy’s last name and now - a little black ink and a sworn promise to the lady behind the bullet proof glass that everything on my application is true and correct I am simply Heather K.

So tell me - did you hyphenate? Would you hyphenate?

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