Friday, March 12, 2010

Little League Basball

So, I learned my lesson. DO NOT BE LAZY WITH YOUR KIDS! Brett wanted to play baseball but I didn't want to have to drive to the Beaumont park darn near everyday so, I signed him up in Banning. (And his 2 good friends are playing in Banning so he really wanted to be on the same team as them.) Last night we got our schedule there are only 2 teams - yes you read correctly 2 teams in the Broncos Division in Banning. So, the White Sox will be playing the Dodgers EVERY and I mean EVERY game.

The good thing about this, I had to find the silver lining, is that the coach is awesome, the kids are pretty good players and are helping Brett learn to play better. (We had a bad experience on the last team we were on - most of the kids were mean to the guys who weren't so good - wasn't very fun for Brett to play on that team).  The coach is patient and knowledgeable and really wants to see the boys do well. 

Lesson Learned - Do a little more research on the league.  Don't be cheap with the gas in your car - it's only money Right? 


PS - Who do you think will be the top two teams in the Play Offs?????

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