Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Broken Nose vs. Heaven

While talking to my 10year old daughter about why it would be better to get hit in the face with the piece of plastic dashboard covering her air bag vs. not having said air bag we had the following conversation:

"Mom, wouldn't it be safer to not have the air bag behind that plastic?"
"No, it will be better to get hit with the plastic than say, die."
"But, I might break my nose."
"Again, broken nose - better than death"
"But, I would be ugly with a broken nose"
"You would look worse dead and you can still play and have fun with a broken nose"
"I can still play an have fun in Heaven. When my spirit gets there, there are basketball courts, soccer, everything that we have that is fun here"
- How do you argue with that???????

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