Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pulling Weeds for WWE Monday Night Raw

We bought Brett and his friend Sergio tickets to WWE Monday Night Raw. It was on short notice, if you watched sporting news at all you may know that WWE was forced to move from Denver CO to Los Angeles because of the NBA playoffs...anyways...

We got the boys these tickets but decided that they needed to help "pay" for them. Our front yard needed the weeds pulled they wanted to go to RAW so I thought win win situation!

Brett is not a fan of manual labor. He even tried to pull "I don't know what a weed is" That I know to not be true.. He told us once of having to pull weeds at his mom's when she lived here ins CA. He also said that he was given the option one time to help pull weeds or don't go to Disneyland with everyone else, he chose to skip Disney. I told him that he could skip weeds and stay with Grandpa T. and I would go with Dad and Sergio. He quickly changed his mind and got out there and pulled him some weeds.

Sergio lives in an apartment so has never had the opportunity to pull weeds in the past. He really wasn't fond of it but he did do his best. He REALLY wanted to go to RAW. He has never been to something like that. His dad is a gardener and is always telling Sergio "Do good in school so you can get a good job" After today Sergio said I need to study more! He told his dad that he appreciates what he does for a living more now. Sergio is a really good kid.

They had to smoosh all of the weeds in the trash can - yes there was a lot of weeds, we had them pull som plants that had died as well. It was quite funny watching those two yahoos get in that trash can. How it didn't fall over I will never know.

They did a really good job, I can't wait 'til Brett gets back from FL the back yard really needs some help and well, I have some concert tickets that says he will gladly pull weeds 'till he is blue in the face.....

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