Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Kids

Last Friday my son (stepson if you want to get technical) Brett came home from his mom's house in Florida. He lived with her for the 1st 10years of his life, local to his dad and me.  When he was 10 she moved to Florida with her new husband and he stayed her in California with us.  Last summer he made the decision to move to Florida to be with her.  He comes to visit us when he is out of school on vacations.  So, he is here for his Spring Break and I couldn't be happier.

In August our family lost 1 kid (Brett) to Florida and gained 3 more (adoption).  During these past 7 months our family is finding its way.  Sometimes it is hard to stay on track with 3 teens/tweens that are new to the family.  The kids Omar 14, Maragarita 12, and Kalla 10, keep me busy being a mom and referee most days.  We feel like a family and all is well.  That is until Brett arrives, then we feel complete.  As soon as he sees the other kids it is as if he was only away at a friends house for over night.  I wish that his mom lived closer to us so that we could see him more frequent.  But for now we just have to enjoy the time that he have as a Complete Family while we can.


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