Thursday, January 5, 2012

January 5, 2012

I went to my parent's house today to help my mom clean out her storage shed and help her set up her sewing room.  Let me just say when I say storage shed I mean think of the show Hoarders.  She has stuff in there from 12 years ago that she hasn't even taken out of the boxes.  She did really well today letting us throw stuff away, donate, and put items up for sale.  

Well, anyway enough about my mom and on to the subject at had Day 5 picture. 
This morning my sister-in-law left my 3 year old niece with my parents so she could run some errands.  Well, when I got there this is what I found.

She loves to play dress up Barbie games on the computer.  But what I really love is that she had pillows and blankets surrounding her - this is the only way I can see spending a day on the computer.... Cup of chocolate milk and cozy pillows - can't go wrong there!

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