Sunday, January 8, 2012

January 7, 2012

Ok, I am a day behind in my post.  Yesterday was a crazy day.  My mom, 2 sons and their 2 best friends and I went to a fundraiser boutique for Yucaipa High School Girls Soccer.  There was a car show, food vendors, vendors selling all kinds of stuff.  My mom and I had "yard sale items".  We didn't sell everything but we sold enough that the boys were happier loading the stuff than they were loading it in the cars and unloading it at 7am on the last Saturday of their Christmas break.  So, I guess that it wasn't a terrible day.  This is all but me, of course, waiting for customers:
This is my mom and the guys from left to right - Dewayne, son Brett, Cyrus, and son Jorden.  They had a great time walking around meeting people, looking at cars and trying to get me to buy things for them (the failed miserably at the later),

See you tomorrow!

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