Friday, January 6, 2012

January 6, 2012

Today was spent much like yesterday - cleaning out my mom's hoard.  I found a box of old pictures of my Grandpa T's.  There are pictures from when his mom and dad were married and of him as a child, he would've been 95 last October.  So we can safely say these pictures are O-L-D.  I was looking through them and when I turned away for a moment, this is what I found:
This is Twitten - she is 10 months old and as mean as she is cute.  When I tried to reach for a photo she attacked me.  This little kitten should be grateful she is cute.

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  1. Just too cute, maybe she is a reincarnation of your G-ma Mary. haha. Ilove you so much and THANK YOU for making the last 2 days happen. I'm totally spend and sore but I feel great even mentally. Mom