Saturday, April 4, 2009

Disney on Ice

We took the kids to Disney on Ice - Disneyland Adventure. It is a story of The Incredibles and their trip to Disneyland. They have to save Disneyland from a robot Syndrome. It was very fun. We took our son Brett, his friend Sergio, our nieces: Bryce, Dakota and Cheyenne, Bryce's friend Lauren and my Mom and Sister-in-Law Angie. Dakota and Bryce have been to see Disney Princesses on Ice before. Dakota kept asking me "when will the princesses come out?" Everyone had a great time. Sergio has never been to anything like this so he had the BEST time.

We bought the boys popcorn. With the popcorn came these masks

Brett as "Dash" and Sergio as "Syndrome"
Me and my Honey enjoying the show...

The incredibles go to Edna to get their costumes.

The incredibles "free" the Pirates

Disneyland parade

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