Sunday, April 12, 2009

Disneyland February 2009

We (Me, Mom, Jason and Angie (mother to the 4 girls)) took the kids to Disneyland in February. Let me tell you it took all of us to keep track of Dakota and Cheyenne. It was Savannah's 1st trip - she was not even 1yr when we went (she turned 1 a month after we went). She was an awesome baby that day. She was better than the bigger kids.

Nana? Are you ready for a nap? I don't think that Minnie will mind if you take a nap in her bed.

Mommy! Brett is getting shocked by the door! Why does he keep doing that?!

Hang on Brett! It will stop soon!
Look! There is Monkey from Aladin in Small World. Disney redid Small World and added Disney characters to the ride.

Look no hands! Bryce don't spin us too fast. I get sick! Gmom can you please get me away from these two looney birds? Dad relaxe she won't spin us too much - she is just a little girl.
She did a good job of spinning the cup, until SHE got sick!


Cheyenee, Dakota Bryce and Savannah on Mickey's couch.

Kendrick's on California Screamin' at California Adventure! Doesn't Brett look scared? He was screamin' like a girl the whole ride. But to be honest he loves this ride, he just screams like a girl. (Secretly I can't wait for his voice to change so that horrible screetching scream will go away) The guy next to Brett is some stranger (single rider) poor guy having to sit through Brett screamin' that whole time....
And yes, we are to cheap to actually buy the picture of us on the ride.

Nana! Why are you in that bucket? You don't belong in there! It is Mickey Mouse's seed bucket, not a baby bucket.

Hang on Aunti Heather! We are going to spin you round round! Okay Cheyenne and Dakota..I'll hold on!

This is Gadget's Go Coaster. Yes, it is a little, I mean little, kids roller coaster and yet, Brett screamed like a little girl! (again, when does the voice change?)

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  1. Great shots.. my hubby is all about Disneyland.. and I'm all about NOT going to Disneyland.. :) long lines, expensive food, although now that my youngest is old enough to ride bigger rides.... maybe... I can go back!