Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Guitar Hero for the DS

Brett got Guitar Hero for his DS for his birthday. Mind you his birthday is in early March and this picture was taken just after he took it out of the package in early April. Sometimes he is a little slow getting to stuff.

He sits and plays that DS for hours (if he can con me into it - Dad will let him play until his eyes pop out of his head)

This game has a horrible noise. If you have ever played guitar hero you know that you have to press the colored key and stum your guitar. Well on the DS you have to strum with the stylus. That clicking noise can drive you to drink!!!!! Its worse when the volume is off all you hear is him singing (off key I might add) and that darn tap, tap, tap...the faster the song the more frequent the tap! UGH!!!!!


  1. I'm doing everything I can to STAY away from a DS, already have a wii, don't want a portable one!!

    And you once asked about a chore chart, and someone showed up with one!

    I don't know if it's anygood?? let me know?

  2. LOL thats pretty funny but I have to say I miss Bretters so much I actually look forward to hearing the off key singing. (-:

  3. Aww Shucks mom! I miss you too!

  4. thanks for stopping by my blog err. again! I sent my Wii of to be fixed and I tracked it on and its suppose to be delivered monday I so can't wait.

    I probably won't start school til the fall which is okay too. But,I will be going to back to school to work in the medical feild to hopefully work as a Surgical Tech