Saturday, April 18, 2009

Easter 2009

Happy Easter!

This was a very simple easter this year. Our families have been very busy lately so we did something small. Do you see the Christmas bag in the background? Well that is the gift wrapping that the easter bunny brought my gift in. He got me a web cam. I am excited about that!

We hope you all had a wonderful day!

The big kids were only allowed a few eggs. So, I had Brett "plant" this egg for the picture. Had to get it on film that he wasn't deprived an easter egg hunt.

Bryce how many eggs do you have. We can't find them all....

I'm glad the Easter egg hunt was at their house, I really don't need to wake up to rotten egg smell.

This was Savannah's first Easter. She found her first egg!

Look Aunti Heather - this is the egg that Bryce decorated!

Brad - Where could that Easter Bunny have hidden the last egg?

Once Savannah got her 2 eggs she wasn't letting them go!

I might be little but I will protect my eggs to the very end!!!

The easter bunny brought Cheyenne a slinky!

This cannot be good for anyone......

Yup, I was right. After this picture I was asked "can Brad and Dean come over and play Pokemon cards?"

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